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About Us

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About US

Znergy Cable is a global electrical component, electrical cable, solar & renewable energy component manufacturer. It is proudly a part of the Aryam Australia Group.

Invested with cutting edge technology, we manufacture Low Voltage to High Voltage and any specialist cables in Mining, Fire, LSZH, Shipping, Instrumentation, Oil & Petro-chemical, Gas, Solar, Undersea submersible and industrial cables.

Boasting advanced capabilities in technology, Znergy Cable manufactures cables for nuclear plants, space agency projects and boasts HV capabilities up to 512KV. The plants manufacture cables for many Australian, European and American cable manufactures under an OEM agreement.









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Znergy® brand means quality assurance with proven Australian innovation and high standard. Our Australian design is our strength.

partnership About Us

The group strategic partnership of Global 500 enterprise is worth USD $35 Billion in turnover. We also specialize in Petro-chemical and General-purpose Equipment, Metallurgy, Solar & Wind Power.

EPC-capabilities About Us

With global EPC capabilities, the group can facilitate any small to large or turnkey project globally. We work closely with clients to facilitate business and meet necessary KPIs.

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Through a combination of research and development, coupled with manufacturing capabilities and expertise in sales – Aryam Energy carries an ethos to always devote its work in supplying green energy for power deficient areas of the world.

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In partnership with a larger global affiliation, the group provides state of art manufacturing and design. Our ISO Standard approved plants proudly employ more than 1500 permanent staff, and has an annual group turnover of $USD 2.2 Billion in electrical & solar sales.

multinationals About Us

Our client base now extends in supplying to some of the largest multinationals, as well as projects across Australia/New Zealand, EU, North America, Africa and the greater Asia Pacific.

Group-Partner About Us

In the renewable sector, Aryam Energy (Group Partner) is a professional solar power products manufacturer(Solar Cable) and a leader in the field of solar power system and solar lighting solutions, which has undertaken over 50,000 successful projects in more than 56 countries all over the world. Since 2006.

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Aryam Energy has been producing innovative and cost-effective solar power products, which created unsurpassed levels of high-efficiency and reliability on 11 technology patents. Aryam Energy’s main products include solar power system and solar street light and related PV products such asPV modules, PV rack system, PV controller and PV inverter. ISO, CE, ROHS, TUV and SGS certify allproducts.