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Instrumentation Cable manufacturers in Australia

We offer a wide range of instrumentation cables that can be used in a variety of industries where manufacturing and processing operations are controlled and measured electronically.
These connector cables must be trustworthy, strong, and offer shielded protection to withstand electromagnetic interference, whether an overall screen or individually and collectively screened cable.
Our instrumentation cable products with flexible copper conductors comply with Australian standards of AS/NZS5000.3, AS/NZS5000.2, AS/NZS5000.1 and International Standards including IEC60502.2 and IEC60502.1.
The information above applies to a variety of instruments screened cables, including those that are collectively screened (CAM), individually screened, and collectively screened (ICAM). Insulation materials include polyethylene (PE), cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and silicon (Si). For places where smoke and acid gas emissions would be a severe hazard in a fire, they usually feature a PVC outer sheath or a low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) sheathing. Our cables, including BS5308 Part 2 instrumentation cables, can be armoured with steel wire armour or steel tape to provide mechanical stress protection.
Our technical engineers, as a leading supplier of instrumentation cable and other screened cables designed for signal integrity, are available to assist you with the cable selection process so that we can provide the best solution for your specific application.

What is Armoured cable used for?

Process industry applications include oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, water treatment, mining, and, more broadly, any operation where process automation is used.
Our technical team also collaborates with customers to produce screened cables that are specifically developed and manufactured to satisfy the needs of industries such as oil, gas, and petrochemicals, automation and process control, and marine and offshore.
By eliminating crosstalk between pairs and triads, armoured instrumentation cables can help to reduce noise and signal interference. This connection can also be used to convert signals from analogue to digital. Tray Instrumentation cables can be used in raceways, direct burial applications, and industrial applications that are exposed to the elements.
Instrumentation cables from znergy Cable ensure the reliable operation and monitoring of machinery and equipment that are important to industrial plants and manufacturing facilities.

What is instrumentation cable?

Instrumentation cables are signal-carrying single or multi-pair/triple cables. They are used to connect instruments and electrical equipment, particularly in plants that require process management and where transducer-generated signals must be sent to panels, controllers, and other devices.
The quantity of electromagnetic interference (EMI) from external sources or cross talk between surrounding pairs is reduced by twisting the pairs.
For analog signals, the construction with individually shielded pairs is commonly utilized, while for digital signals, the construction with complete shield only is typically employed.

Does Armoured cable need conduit?

In instrumentation and control systems, it’s used to transmit analogue and digital signals. Allowable for use in zone 1 and zone 2 group II classified locations (according to IEC 60079-14); direct connection to low impedance source (i.e. the public mains power supply) is not permitted. Outdoor installation, on racks, trays, in conduits, in dry and moist settings, and for direct burial are all recommended.

Instrumentation cable specifications

  1. XLPE (RW90 Rated) Insulated Conductors
  2. Individual Shield & Overall Shielded Pairs/Triads
  3. Polypropylene Fillers
  4. Polyester Separator Tape
  5. Overall Aluminum/Mylar Shield with Tinned Copper Drain Wire
  6. FR LAG PVC Inner Protective Jacket
  7. Aluminum Interlocked Armour (AIA
  8. FR LAG PVC Outer Protective Jacket
  9. Stranded Bare Copper Conductors (Tinned Available)

What are the types of instrumentation cables?

Thermocouple Wire

Multiple armoring and jacketing options are available for thermocouple wire, making it excellent for industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining, power generation, wastewater treatment, food processing, and transportation. With znergy Thermocouple Wire and extension-grade cable, you may connect your devices to sensing or controlling equipment.

ACIC Cables

Znergy’s ACIC Cables are armored, CSA-rated control, instrumentation, and power cables that may be used in 300V, 600V, and certain 1000V settings. Znergy cable offers a wide selection of conductor and pair counts, insulation, and jacket options to help you choose the ideal ACIC solution for your needs (also available unarmored).

PVC Cables

From fixed wiring to flexible installations, PVC cables are utilized in a wide range of applications. Because it combines cost savings with durability and safety—especially in difficult locations prone to weathering, corrosive compounds, weight, and other factors—PVC is one of the most often used materials for electrical wire.

  • Built for Your Needs: Material options include PVC/nylon, XLPE, and EPR insulated conductors with PVC, CPE, or LSZH construction

  • Proven in Harsh Environments: Robust cables are field tested and proven to perform in the industrial space

300 V Type PLTC/ITC Cable (Shielded Pairs & Triads)

Our unarmored Type PLTC/ITC cables offer excellent flexibility for use in audio, intercom, control, energy management and alarm circuits and are permitted for use in Class I, Division 2 industrial hazardous locations per NEC.

600 V Type TC Cable (Shielded Pairs & Triads)

Our Type TC 600 Volt tray cables feature overall shielded pairs and triads in a variety of insulations and jackets for installation in free air, aerial or direct burial applications. These instrumentation cables are permitted for use in Class I, Division 2 industrial hazardous locations per NEC.

Instrumentation Cable size

The range includes Switchboard and Panel wire (90C, 110C flex and LSZH), Orange Circular in 90C and 110C flex in single double insulated SDI, multi core and control cable, Armoured & Steel Wire Armoured SWA Australian Cables. We manufacture Australian Standard Instrumentation Cable in overall screened and individually screened cable in 90C and 110C including for Shipping Cable, Marine & Offshore Cable, Oil & Gas Cable, Shell Approved FLNG Cable, Chevron Approved LNG Cable, RFOU cable. In Industrial Cable Australian Standard range we manufacture Variable Speed Drive VSD and Electromagnetic Clearance EMC Cable in Armoured including Screened and Steel Wire Armoured SWA cables.

Instrumentation cable suppliers in Australia

Znergy’s instrumentation cables are known for their dependability, even under the most extreme conditions. Invest in goods that are specifically tailored for your application to ensure uptime. Znergy can meet your requirements regardless of gauge size, conductor count, insulation, jacket, armor, or rating.