Alloy and unalloyed steel capillary tubes are available. Capillary tubes are offered with an exceptionally high level of purity and corrosion resistance. Capillary tubes are available in sizes ranging from 0.30mm OD to 20mm OD, with a thickness of up to 0.5mm. This is available in both seamless and welded with a bright annealed finish. 2.5 mtr to 6 mtr in length Grease oil and other liquids are not present in the materials provided. Our material has extremely tight tolerances, making it the highest grade precision tube available.

Our precision Capillary tubes are used in various files:

  • medical technology
  • apparatus construction
  • automobile manufacturing
  • chemical technology
  • measurement and control technology
  • energy and nuclear technology
  • science

Capillary Tube applications

General Engineering, Infrastructure, Automobile, Structure, Oil and Gas, Drilling and Mining, Industries, Water Line, General Construction, Pressure Vessel, Ship Building, Fluid Transportation, Idlers and Conveyors, Hydraulic, Boiler and Heat Exchanger, Mechanical Purpose, Bearing, Airospace, Motorcycle Uses, Locomotive restorations, Roll cages, Stair lifts

Capillary Tube Australia

We understand the challenges that customers encounter because of our extensive project experience in steel products. We provide technical support for Capillary Tubes, including product specifications and value-added solutions. We also offer shot-blasting, coating, and varnishing services, as well as loose or bundle packaging. We give the necessary papers as well as a certificate materials are supplied. Our products are available in a wide range of steel grades and dimensions, and are supplied in accordance with applicable standards as well as customer specifications. On request, specific execution requirements, strict tolerances, length, carbon equivalent, corrosion qualities, pricing list, variation, density, and technical delivery conditions (TDC) can be provided.

Znergy Cable is a supplier of Capillary Tube in Australia. We provide Capillary Tube for sale together with a variety of value-added services.

Australian Capillary Tube Manufacturer and Supplier

We meet our customers’ demands on time and at a competitive price thanks to our strong supplier base (domestic and international). To satisfy our customers’ needs, we make to order from our stock for quick delivery and from our stock for a competitive price. All of our vendors are certified to meet national and international standards, as well as specific and severe quality requirements. We also function as an export agent for manufacturing mills.

We provide an efficient and competitive supply chain from manufacturer to supplier and customer through a well-integrated team of people, technology, and innovative business practises. Znergy cable is driven by constant improvement and a strong customer focus, with the goal of being a market leader in providing excellent value, high-quality products, and exceptional service. If you need a product that can be supplied according to both national and international standards, znergy cable is the right partner for you.