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Control cables incorporate a substantial group of cables produced to different British, European and universal Standards. These incorporate the generally utilized CY link, SY link, YY link, and LiYCY and LiYY cables intended for an extensive variety of mechanical process robotization applications, including signal transmission, estimation, control and direction. These control cables are regularly alluded to by the application, for example, apparatus supply link, engine link and mechanical technology link. They are otherwise called multi-center cables, control flex and control adaptable cables.

Contingent upon their development properties, these adaptable cables can be appropriate for use under light, medium or high mechanical anxieties. They likewise offer different degrees of assurance against electrical obstruction and protection from scathing substances and oils.

CY cables, SY cables and YY cables are not appropriate for settled wiring applications requiring consistence with the prerequisites set out in BS7671. As a main control link provider, we have huge experience of prompting on control link determination. Our specialized group is accessible to talk about your application and to enable you to meet the particular prerequisites.