Copper Electrical Cable is a decent electrical conductor. This implies the opposite of a length of copper electrical cable is moderately low. An aluminum cable would have almost double the opposition of a copper electrical cable with similar measurements. In this way, the vitality misfortunes in the aluminum cable will be higher than in the copper electrical cable. The copper cable is more vitality productive.

Picture Cables produced using aluminum and copper. The aluminum cable has almost double the zone to give it indistinguishable obstruction from the copper electrical cable. You can see the strands of the conductor and the covering.

To make an aluminum link with indistinguishable vitality misfortunes from a copper electrical cable, we need to make it fatter. The bigger cross-sectional territory diminishes its obstruction and conveys the vitality misfortunes down to the equivalent as a smaller copper cable.

The two cables in the photo have a comparative current-conveying limit. They are each intended to have the capacity to convey up to 500 A without the conductor going over 90 °C; they should convey this present when the request is high yet ought not to be utilized for bigger current.

The copper electrical cable (on the right) is more slender than the aluminum one since copper is a superior transmitter. Its cross-sectional zone is 300 mm2 instead of 500 mm2 for the aluminum.

There are four gatherings of wires inside the cable and the gatherings are protected with cross-connected high-thickness polyethylene (XLPE). The entire cable is strengthened with steel wire reinforcement.


The copper cable has a few preferences over the aluminum one. Since it is more slender, it can fit into littler pipe spaces. It tends to be bowed around more tightly corners. Additionally, copper can be effortlessly jointed.

Copper is three times as thick as aluminum. An aluminum cable is a large portion of the heaviness of a copper one with a similar rating, so aluminum cables (strengthened with steel) are frequently favored for hanging between overhead arches. For a total examination of vitality productivity, we ought to likewise consider the vitality utilized in mining, refining and transporting these metals.