In the oil and gas business, znergy cables is a significant supplier of downhole TEC (Tubing Encapsulated Conductor) cables. In a downhole application,znergy cables TEC are used to monitor, provide power, and send signals. znergy cables are the preferred choice of industry professionals in the oil and gas industry because they can survive harsh environments, extreme temperatures, and extreme pressure.

What is an encapsulated cable?

Traditional wires or cables feature some sort of copper conductor wrapped by an insulating layer or jacket in TEC cables. When the usual wire or tubing layer that surrounds the product is replaced with an armoured metal component, the difference is noticeable. Last but not least, the last coating encases the whole cord. Temperatures ranging from 150°C to 300°C can be tolerated by znergy tube enclosed cables.

Encapsulated Cable Benefits

While TEC cables are used throughout the oil and gas industry, Galaxy leads the industry in terms of how quickly these tubing-encapsulated cables can be produced. An extra filler layer is usually extruded over the core cables. These cables are normally transferred to a different facility after that step in the manufacturing process to have the armour layer placed. This is where znergy can save you a lot of time and money. There is no need to transport the wire out for armoring because it is all done in one location, reducing lead time and cost dramatically. znergy’s tube encapsulated cable can be made up of a variety of various structures made up of a variety of different compounds and materials.

Applications for encapsulated Cable

TEC cables can be used in a wide range of applications. Examples of these uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Production of oil and gas
  • Monitoring of oil wells
  • Providing power to downhole instruments and equipment
  • Equipment for measuring pressure
  • Obtaining information


Australian Encapsulated Cable Manufacturer and Supplier

Znergy Cable specialises in cable research and development, as well as technological innovation, sales, and projects. Our engineering team can develop and manufacture individually to meet the various needs of our customers, as well as providing samples for end-user testing and assessment.

TEC cables from znergy are utilised in the oil and gas industry. It protects electrical and optical components from the pressure and corrosive effects of the downhole environment with welded tubing (316L, Duplex2205, Incoloy825 or others). Customers can choose between bare or tro-pp encapsulated TEC to handle the harsh environment, extreme temperature, and extreme pressure encountered in the downhole

We’ve created and manufactured new TEC cables in addition to the usual single conductor and encased TEC cables. We’ve also incorporated a variety of sizes and configurations, as well as a variety of materials for various downhole situations, to increase product protection and loading capability. (Copper wire, I-wire, coil tubing for control lines, and fibre)

znergy is a high-quality product maker. It is now Australia’s sole manufacturer capable of producing both TEC cables and control line coil tubing in the same facility. Our sole purpose is to assist your company in meeting its objectives at a cheaper cost.