Our low voltage includes Australian Standards of AS/NZS5000.3, AS/NZS5000.2, AS/NZS5000.1 in 300V, 450/750V and 0.6/1kV cable range. We manufacture 10.1 KA SCREEN FAULT RATE CABLE, XLPE/PVC power cable in class 2 stranded, 110C flexible class 5 cable, Fire resistant & Fire Retardant cable, Australian Fire Rated WS52W AS3013 in 90C and 110C Low Smoke Zero Halogen LSZH or LSOH range, nylon cable to Australian Standard for termite resistant and termite proof cable.

We provide a comprehensive selection of fire resistant cables and fire-performance cables, which are often known as fire survival cables, fire-proof cables, or simply fire cables. Our fire-resistant cable line is designed to keep emergency systems in public buildings running even in the most extreme fire situations.
Our fire performance cables are specifically intended for enhanced fire resistance in applications such as power and auxiliary control delivery in fire alarm systems, voice alarm systems, and emergency lighting systems, including those built to satisfy all Austarlian standards. The installation of fire-resistant power and control cable systems for life safety and fire-fighting applications will be governed by Australian standards.
These fire-resistant single and multi-core cables can be used in a variety of Control Circuit applications. We provide Firetec ‘Power’ and ‘Impact Power’ cables, both of which are suited for indoor and outdoor applications, for enhanced protection against mechanical damage. The ‘Impact Power’ is built to endure direct impact as well as the pressure of water jets.
Mineral Insulated copper cables (MICC) are another fire resistant cable in our fire performance series, developed to provide the best fire resistance and electromagnetic interference protection. These high-temperature cables are made without any plastic insulation and can withstand temperatures of up to 950°C. They can also be ordered with LSZH oversheathing in a variety of colors. These cables are primarily employed in hazardous and explosive environments, as well as in situations where corrosive chemicals may have an impact on performance. Those without polymer oversheathing have ATEX accreditation and are compliant with EU directives on working in potentially explosive or hazardous conditions.


Fire proof cable duration Applications
PH30 Fire rated 30 minutes PH30 cables are suitable for emergency applications where the circuit must remain operational for up to 30 minutes
PH60 Fire rated 60 minutes (1 hour) PH60 cables are used in emergency applications, in particular emergency lighting, where longer circuit operation is required in the event of fire
PH120 Fire rated 120 minutes (2 hours) PH120 cables are designed for installations requiring enhanced circuit integrity for up to 120 minutes, This includes complex or high-rise blocks of flats requiring a longer evacuation period.

The main impediments to safe evacuation of a structure or region in all fire catastrophes are fire smoke, heat, and hazardous gases. The usage of fire-resistant and non-halogenated cables makes a significant contribution to overcoming these dangers. Single-core or multi-core architectures are available for fire resistant cable. Depending on the customer requirement, the cable may be unarmored, armored, braided, with or without metallic screening.


Znergy’s fire rated cable was developed to retain circuit integrity in the event of a fire and to ensure the safest possible evacuation of employees without the use of hazardous gases or smoke.


Znergy’s fire resistant cable is used in a variety of public facilities, from schools to hospitals, as well as underground and overground railway stations, retail and leisure venues, offshore vessels, and hazardous situations including oil and gas platforms. The organization can provide a full selection of fire-resistant cables that meet the most recent Standards and Codes of Practice for fire detection, alarm systems, emergency lighting, and other critical power sources. To verify cable integrity, Znergy has comprehensive modern fire testing facilities on site. It can now make cable for multinational projects that fulfills several national standards thanks to this facility.

Znergy’s flame retardance cables include a variety of low smoke and fume cables that have been designed and tested to prevent flame propagation and spread while also producing little toxicity, smoke, or acid gas.

Znergy provides “standard” and “enhanced” grade cables in compliance with the applicable Code of Practice to suit the actual installation, whether large or little, simple or complex. Along with Firesafe cables, Znergy stocks a variety of accessories such as glands, p-clips, and saddles in Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSOH) to complement any Znergy Firesafe cable.

LSF (Low Smoke and Fume) and LSHF (Low Smoke Halogen Free) cables have significant variances. LSF is a name coined by the MOD(N) to denote cables having a CSP sheathing compound with a high oxygen index and a high temperature index. These cables were dubbed Low smoke and fume cables by the MOD(N) because of their better fire performance. The NBS smoke chamber was used to assess the CSP sheathing compound’s smoke emission.
Although an improvement over typical CSP-sheathed cables, terrible events in the Falkland Islands war led to the invention of far better compounds. In the commercial cable sector, the term LSF was coined to describe any cable with a high oxygen index or temperature index, as well as halogenated polymers like PVC, CSP, and PCP, that emits less smoke. Some businesses use the name LSHF to represent their Low Smoke Halogen Free cables, while others use terms like Low Smoke O (zero) Halogen (LSOH), Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH), and Low Smoke No Halogens to describe their Low Smoke Halogen Free cables (LSNH). PVC has been a focus of fire safety advancements in cable production.


Znergy’s fire-testing at the top of the list, as an innovation-driven firm aiming to develop unique cable while exploring the best of next-generation product performance. Its fire-testing facilities in the UK and Italy are second to none, providing its customers with cable that is tested against, passes, and often surpasses, minimum requirements. The company produces the highest-quality cable, and because it serves consumers all around the world, it must verify that its goods meet international requirements. Standard voltage, spark test, and resistance tests are performed at the facility, as well as additional in-depth tests such as elongation, heat shock, shrink back, and vertical flame tests. Available safe egress, area burning rate, backdraft, burning behavior, char, combustion, deflagration, ease of ignition, fire load density, fire resistance, flame spread, linear and mass burning rates, opacity of smoke, oxygen index performance, and more are all explored in these tests and measurements.

These fireproof single center and multi-center cables are appropriate for use inside various Control Circuit classes. For included insurance against the danger of mechanical harm, we supply vigorous Firetec ‘Power’ and ‘Effect Power’ cables, the two of which are appropriate for indoor and open air applications. The ‘Effect Power’ is intended to withstand coordinate effect and water stream weight. For extra adaptability, we supply the FRF2 cable, a cable appropriate for bowing around complex corners and the single center Tubesafe cable as found in conditions, for example, the London Underground system.


A critical refinement exists between fire rated cables and flame retardant , despite the fact that them two are subjected to different fire execution tests with the end goal to win their separate arrangement. In a word,Fire Rated Cable are intended to oppose the spread of flame into another region. Heat proof or fire evaluated cables are intended to keep up circuit respectability and keep on working for a predefined time frame under characterized conditions. The refinement between the two is urgent with regards to keeping up basic circuits required forever well being or for a sheltered and prompt plant shutdown.


As a main provider of Fire Rated Cable , we have immense experience of planning and providing cables fabricated as per British, European and worldwide gauges. Contact our specialized group to talk about your particular task or application’s prerequisites.s


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