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High Density Screened Cable - znergycable

This is a cable compose znergy cable with the O.D. of the protector decreased (0.62mm) with the end goal to lessen the measurement of the cable and acknowledge high thickness mounting. A protected form is additionally accessible.This item is naturally well disposed. The protector and sheath material don’t contain particular bromide-based fire retardant (PBDE or PBB) or the overwhelming metals Pb, Cr6+, Cd and Hg. They likewise comply with the RoHS (limitation of the utilization of certain risky substances in electrical and electronic gear) directions.

This multi layer, ordinary weight, high temperature cables offers remarkable adaptability and execution which makes it reasonable for some applications where high thickness cabling and tackling are required to make tight twists. Other than this preferred standpoint, these wires have fantastic protection from slice through, scraped spot, cool stream, recoil back, indent proliferation and basic military synthetic substances.

This wire ought to be considered for airframe, flight, military vehicle, shipboard, rocket, and other electronic applications.

highscreen High Density Screened Cable