SWA Cable

Steel wire armoured cable – SWA

Steel Wire Armor cable BS5467 (SWA) is a hard-wearing force cable, with mechanical security, planned for the supply of mains power. SWA is appropriate for inside and outside, in cable pipes or specifically covered in the ground. Multi-center steel wire protected cable can likewise be utilized for assistant control.

1. Conductor Class 2 pain stranded copper conductor to BS EN 60228:2005
2. Insulation XPLE (Cross Linked Polyethylene)
3. Bedding PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
4. Armouring Multi-core: SWA (Steel Wire Armour)
5. Sheath PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Voltage Rating ——– 600/1000V

Conductor Operating Temperature ——– 00C to +900C

Core Identification
1. Core: Brown
2. Cores: Brown, Blue
3. Cores: Brown, Black, Grey or Brown, Blue, Green/Yellow
4. Cores: Brown, Black, Grey, Blue
5. Cores: Brown, Black, Grey, Blue, Green/Yellow

SWA Cable