Providing High Quality Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Cable for Challenging Under structure

 The development of mines and tunnels is one of the most difficult projects in the infrastructure industry. Znergy Cable provides customised cable mining and cable tunnelling solutions, as well as housing technology and connector systems for both industrial infrastructure and traditional tunnel construction equipment, such as spray concrete drilling or shield drive tunnel boring machines.

Your reliable cable tunnelling partner

Our service and the exceptional quality of our products have earned the trust of renowned tunnel building enterprises. Flexible underground mining cables for stationary systems, reeling trailing drilling cables or cables for spray concrete vehicles, and industrial cables for feeding electricity for underground tunnel ventilation or lighting the construction site are all part of our cable line for mining and tunnel building. For tunnel construction supplies, you can rely on your reliable partner for TBM cables.

Znergy Cables is a prominent cable and cable accessory manufacturer for the mining and tunnelling industries. Our mining and tunnelling cable solutions range from cable specification and design to sophisticated international logistics to ensure effective delivery to some of the world’s most remote locations with some of the industry’s shortest lead times.

Our mining, drilling, and tunnelling cables are used in a variety of applications, ranging from LV and MV infrastructure cables to mobile equipment, and provide power, control, and data transmission. We can supply cables for opencast surface mining applications with dynamic equipment such as cranes and conveyors, as well as cables for subsurface tunnel-boring machines and pumps.

Znergy Cables’ mining, drilling, and tunnelling cables are built to withstand the worst conditions on the planet, including ultraviolet (UV) light, saltwater immersion, oil, grease, and mechanical stress. Their strong design guarantees the equipment they sell is reliable, decreasing the danger of failure and the resulting disruption, which can be costly and potentially jeopardise operational safety. Additional construction layers designed to prevent rat and termite attack can be added to cables — a fibre glass braid is particularly effective.

Tunnel logistics that are sophisticated

What’s more, you may get the cables, cords, and other tunnel construction equipment you need right now.  We can supply your specified cable lengths direct from stock – cut to size, including utilising special vans with unloading capacity – on time and customised to your demands, thanks to sophisticated building site logistics. This helps your industrial tunnel construction site reduce large stock levels and the risk of tunnel construction equipment theft.

Our manufacturing section offers specialised solutions for tunnel construction businesses, such as medium-voltage underground cables for tunnel boring machines.

As an added value service, we supply appropriate connectors, plugs, and couplings for low- and medium-voltage cable tunnelling or mining applications, as well as customer-specific designs and colours for medium junction boxes, according to customer specifications.

We are your one-stop shop for all of your electrical cable for mining and tunnel applications product and service needs. Znergy Cable Australia has established itself as one of the leading TBM Cable manufacturer and supplier in Australia. We impress our customers with high-performance products and proven quality. We are valued for our expertise, customer service, and strict adherence to delivery deadlines. Nothing matters more than being a dependable and powerful companion.