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VSD cables and EMC cables are basic acronyms for Variable Speed Drive and Electro Magnetic Compatibility cables. These cables include high degrees of obstruction security and are perfect for use in conditions where unsettling influence free transmission all things considered and
driving forces are basic.

Treoflex XLPE-CY-JB – including multi-stranded conductors, with a cross connected XLPE polyethylene protection, tinned Cu plait and clear sheath 0.6/1KV. This EMC cable is perfect to supply capacity to engines from recurrence converters, as its screening thickness guarantees aggravation free transmission everything being equal and driving forces.

Treoflex SDI-VSD – highlighting diminished copper wire led and diminished copper mesh enables this cable to be introduced in forceful situations, for example, those containing hydrogen sulfides, smelling salts and sulfur dioxide. Being a VSD screened cable; it is extraordinary for
impedance free transmission instrumentation and control building applications.