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Our low voltage includes Australian Standards of AS/NZS5000.3, AS/NZS5000.2, AS/NZS5000.1 in 300V, 450/750V and 0.6/1kV cable range. We manufacture 10.1 KA SCREEN FAULT RATE CABLE, XLPE/PVC power cable in class 2 stranded, 110C flexible class 5 cable, Fire resistant & Fire Retardant cable, Australian Fire Rated WS52W AS3013 in 90C and 110C Low Smoke Zero Halogen LSZH or LSOH range, nylon cable to Australian Standard for termite resistant and termite proof cable.


The range includes Switchboard and Panel wire (90C, 110C flex and LSZH), Orange Circular in 90C and 110C flex in single double insulated SDI, multi core and control cable, Armoured & Steel Wire Armoured SWA Australian Cables. We manufacture Australian Standard Instrumentation Cable in overall screened and individually screened cable in 90C and 110C including for Shipping Cable, Marine & Offshore Cable, Oil & Gas Cable, Shell Approved FLNG Cable, Chevron Approved LNG Cable, RFOU cable. In Industrial Cable Australian Standard range we manufacture Variable Speed Drive VSD and Electromagnetic Clearance EMC Cable in Armoured including Screened and Steel Wire Armoured SWA cables.


In Medium Voltage MV Australian Cable and High Voltage HV Australian Cable in AS/NZS1429.1 and AS/NZS1429.2 or IEC60502.2 and IEC60502.1 cables in both low density screen fault rate and high density screen fault rate of 10.1KA and above like 13.1KA, 24.1KA screen fault rate. Our HV Cable includes SWA armoured, HDPE, LLDPE, Nylon HV, underground HV cable & Australian mining HV cables. We manufacture UV stabilised and Tree XLPE (TR-XLPE) HV Australian Standard cables, Including:

Coiled Tubes

Encapsulated Cables

Capillary Tubes

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Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Cable

Providing High Quality Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Cable for Challenging Under structure  The development of mines and tunnels is one of the most difficult projects in the infrastructure industry. Znergy Cable ...

09 Jul
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Flexible electrical Cable

Flexible cables, sometimes known as ‘continuous-flex’ cables, are electrical cables that are specially designed to withstand the tight bending radii and physical stress found in moving applications like cable carriers. ...