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Znergy TRAILING MINING Cable, Australian Cable has significant experience in a variety of mining cables that meet both the unique requirements of the Australian mining sector as well as those of the worldwide mining industry.

With more than 60 years of experience, we believe that znergyCable has the knowledge and expertise to provide the solutions to your problems. The quality and robustness of these products make znergy mining cables highly sought after on global markets.

ZnergyCable can deliver reeling and trailing cable that can be extensively used in multi-purpose mining stages, transformer stations, coal mining machines, and other digging offices for power supply. One is for underground mining use, and the other is for non-underground use. Both types of cable are in compliance with international and Australian Standards. They possess characteristics including flame resistance, scratch resistance, flexibility, and consistent electrical performance under wet situations.

Our premium Australian mining cables, reeling and trailing cables are created and produced using cutting-edge technology and are intended for use in the harshest environments. We combine sophisticated, advanced technology and rugged durability to create Power Flex mining cables, which are also created to assist provide the highest levels of safety and profitability. Our mining cables are manufactured for use worldwide indoors, outdoors, and under the sea in both normal and harsh environments, normal and extreme weather, and temperatures.

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Every product you find in our inventory complies with Australian Standards. They have been tested for durability and have been found to perform well under the extreme conditions of underground and open cut Australian mines.


  • Type 241.1

  • Type 441

  • Type 406

  • Type 450

  • Type 409

  • Type 2s

241.1 Type Cable:

Basically, 241 cable is manufactured under the standards of AS/NZS 1802, which is generally used in coal and mining activities.

441 Type Cable:

441 cable has three earth cores and one pilot core that is semi-conductive and made for general use. These cables are Ideal for applications involving slow reeling and trailing like activity in mine.

Being a class 1 cable, it has less sheath radials and insulation than a class 2 cable.The voltage ratings for the Type 440 cable are 1.1kV, 3.3kV, 6.6kV, and 11kV, whereas the voltage values for the Type 441 cable are the same but also include 22kV. Due to the EPR insulation on both cables, they can operate in a temperature range of -25 to +90 degrees Celsius.

406 Type Cable:

406 cables are largely used to provide power to the high-voltage machines like cranes that work underground.

450 Type Cable:

These cables are often used for slow reeling and trailing applications. Generally made of metal-screened power cores containing three pilot cores.450 reeling cables from 3.3/3.3 kV to 33/33 kV for draglines, shovels, excavators, wharf cranes, and material handling machinery.

409 Type Cable:

A type of cable with a specified gauge size, insulation type, and conductor material is commonly referred to as a “409” electrical cable. But it’s challenging to offer a more detailed response without additional context.

This cable comfortably works under the temperature range of -25 to 90 degree celsius.Electrical cables are typically used to carry power or signals between two points in a mine. They are made up of one or more insulated conductors that are encased in a sheath or jacket for safety. The intended purpose and the environment in which it will be used will determine the type of cable and its parameters.

Type 2s:

Type 2s have a copper-screened tin conductor within. In the mining sector, this kind of cable is frequently used to power high-voltage equipment, and longwall lighting circuits are largely powered by these cables.


For the mining industry, Znergy Cable provides high voltage cable. We are an established producer and supplier of mining cable in Australia. As a manufacturer of mining products with years of experience, we are a pioneer in the industry. Our Australian mining cables are especially made to aid with the highest levels of security, productivity, and hardest environments.