Trailing Mining Cable - Type 241, 441, 450, 409, 406 and Type 2S

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Znergy Cable, Australian Cable has practical experience in a scope of mining cables intended to meet global measures and particular needs of the Australian and overall mining industry. The quality and strength of these items make znergy cable mining cables, much looked for after on world markets and with more than 60 years of experience, we consider znergycable to have both the information and the experience to supply the right answers for your issues.

Znergy Cable can convey reeling and trailing cable that can be extensively utilized in multi-reason mining stages, transformer stations, coal mining machines and other digging offices for power supply, one for underground mining use and the other for non-underground utilized which complying with International and Australian Standards. They have such qualities as flame retardant, scraped area opposition, adaptability and stable electrical execution under sodden conditions.

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317 Australian Mining Cable

Our quality Australian mining cables, reeling and trailing cables are innovatively engineered and manufactured , designed for your toughest conditions. Power Flex mining, provides a safer, longer lasting and more durable cables for world wide usage indoors, outdoors and under the sea – for normal or harsh environments, normal and extreme weather and temperatures we combine sophisticated, advanced technology and rugged durability, our mining cables are also designed to help provide the greatest levels of safety and productivity.

A Global Mining Cable Manufacturer & Supplier in Australia

At Znergy Cable, we offer high voltage cable for the Mining Industry. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Australian mining cable. We are a professional mining products manufacturer and a leader in the field of mining. Our Australian mining cables are specially designed to help provide the greatest levels of safety, productivity and toughest conditions.