A fire-resistive or fire-rated flexible cable is one that can continue to function even if it is engulfed in flames. This cable is also known as a circuit integrity (CI) cable and is fire-rated for two hours.

For decades, mineral insulated (MI) cable has provided this enhanced protection. Copper conductors, magnesium oxide, and a copper sheath are used in the manufacturing of MI cables. MI cable is available in single and multiconductor configurations. This 2-hour fire-resistant cable is intended for use with emergency power circuits for fire pumps and generators. Because MI is time-consuming and difficult to install, it is rarely employed in low-voltage fire alarm and emergency communication systems.

A range of new items have become available as a result of recent modifications in the NEC and new breakthroughs in wire and cable technology.

Our fire-rated flexible cable line is designed to keep emergency systems in public buildings running even in the most extreme fire situations.

The fire rated cable, also known as Fire Resistant Cable, is distinguished by its reduced fire risk or the fact that second combustion is limited to a specific range. These cables pass the IEC60332 combustion testing criteria and are suitable for use in locations that require flame retardant cables.

In the event of a fire, fire-resistant cable can still keep lines running for a period of time. It differs from typical flame retardant cable in that it can continue to transmit electricity in the case of a fire. The use of this product will improve fire safety and fire rescue capability in high-rise buildings, subways, power plants, and other important events.

Fire-resistant or fire-rated cables are made to keep circuits intact and work for a certain amount of time under specific conditions.


These fire-resistant single and multi-core cables can be used in a variety of Control Circuit applications. We provide Firetec ‘Power’ and ‘Impact Power’ cables, both of which are suited for indoor and outdoor applications, for enhanced protection against mechanical damage. The ‘Impact Power’ is built to endure direct impact as well as the pressure of water jets.

Fire-resistant or fire-rated cables are meant to keep circuits intact and perform for a set amount of time under specific conditions. Hard-skinned, flexible, easy-to-install, and easy-to-terminate fire resistant cable with Insudite cores, ideal for applications requiring extra flexibility.

Fire Resistant Cable manufacturers and suppliers for a comprehensive range of high-quality Fire Performance Cables for a variety of purposes. FIRE Alarm Cables are frequently required in modest quantities and in a timely manner. For the manufacture of any Fire Resistance Cable, we employ the most cutting-edge technology available in our industry, resulting in cables that are lighter, more robust, and more flexible.

Fire Resistant Cable Specification

We can manufacture Fire Resistant Cable as per customers’ requirement.

Extreme temperature range: (-40oC to 105oC) can withstand the extremes of automotive environments
Fire Resistant Cable range: 0GA, 2GA, 4GA, 6GA, 8GA, 10GA, 12GA, 14GA, 15GA, 16GA, 18GA, 20GA and ultra classic strands
High strand counts High strand counts
Conductor Type Stranded 99.99% OFC (oxygen free copper), and tin plated copper,copper coated al
Material Environmentally friendly, quality, glossy material Tinned, Silver or Nickel plated copper etc.
Fire Resistant Cable Colour: Customized
Packing carton packing, pallet packing , wooden / plastic reels

We can manufacture Fire Resistant Cable as per customers’ requirement.


  • Light weight
  • Safe and secure
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Chloroprene Cables are Easy to carry
  • Easy to implement in the circuits
  • Fire Resistant Cable may be used in dry, damp, or wet locations
  • Widely used to distribute low voltage data/ signal
  • These Fire Resistant Cable can carry signals up to 40 volts
  • Fire Resistant Cable are suitable for electrical installation industrial control circuits for sending electrical signals
  • Choice of conductors, screens and jacket materials to suit the most demanding applications.
  • Jacket material options to provide high flexibility and excellent mechanical protection.
  • Designed for stripping and overmolding.
  • Choice of Fire Resistant Cable dimensions
  • Screening options that include bare copper braid, braid with drainwire, optimized braids with superior surface transfer impedance characteristics, and aluminum foil with drainwire.


We produce Fire Resistant Cable & industrial electrical cable & wires for:

  • Fire Resistant Cable for Steel Mills
  • Fire Performance Cables for EOT Cranes
  • Fire Alarm Cables for Airport Lighting
  • Fire Resistance Cable for Ships
  • Fire Retardant Cables for Nuclear & Thermal Power Stations
  • Fire Resistant Cable 600v 1000v for Wind Power Mills
  • Single Core Fire Resistant Cable for Electrical Machines
  • Fire Performance Cables for Textile Machines
  • FIRE Alarm Cables for Construction Equipments
  • Fire Resistant Cable for Turbines


  • Packing length:100 to 1,000m reeled in carton drum or according to customers’ requirement
  • Outer packing: wooden case, carton box
  • Other packing requirement according to client’s request
  • Fire Resistant Cable cut to length and shipped on nonreturnable reels
    • The quantity in one ctn base on the type of cord and its length.
    • Packing lengths of Fire Resistant Cable: 100ft/roll, 100m/roll, 300ft/roll
    • Inner packing: wooden drum, plastic drum, paper drum
    • Outer packing: carton box, pull out box
    • Other packing for Fire Resistant Cable is available as per customer demand


    The wire and cable sector is a typical manufacturing industry, with raw material costs accounting for 70% to 80% of total costs. As a result, the benefits and drawbacks of raw materials have a significant impact on the quality of wire and cable goods, and certain firms can offer ultra-low-cost products.

    Some firms can offer low-cost products, but only in terms of raw materials; the product’s quality is poor. The increase and fall of copper prices has a significant impact on the price of wire and cable.

    ZNERGY cables are able to meet the requirements for fire-resistant cables. The test’s raw material procurement aspects are very strict, the supplier’s products, then the quality, price, and service of the entire process, from production, transportation, sales, and other quality control aspects of the entire process.

    All of the company’s fire resistant wire and cable performance indexes have been favourably appreciated and recognised, meeting the requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission and national standards.